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In November, I wrote about the plight of Southern Italy’s historic Asprinio di Aversa, a sparkling wine that is great with pizza but is in danger of disappearing due to its painstaking, dangerous cultivation. The grapes grow on “monster vines” that climb high into treetops rather than on easy-to-harvest trelling systems.

Though Asprinio is very, very difficult to find just about anywhere outside the Naples area, I received a note this week from David Gansler, founder of the Boston-area importer/distributor La Rosa Selections, who said he’d taken my Asprinio challenge and imported and distributed 13 cases of I Borboni Spumante Asprinio Brut.

He writes: “It’s finding a home in quality Massachusetts wine retailers, Italian food and wine markets, and cheese shops. With time, it will find its way to restaurants, no doubt to pizzerias in particular!”

That sounds particularly appealing right now. With this summer’s heat wave, here at casa Camuto, our go-to wines have been all manner of Italian and French sparklers.

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